Friday, 16 February 2018

Gattu The Power Champ | PROMO | Season 3 | Action cartoon for kids | Wow Kidz

We are back yet again with season 3 of your favorite cartoon Gattu The Power Champ. This season is filled with full action and adventure of innocent but powerful Gattu the Superhero. So don't forget to watch this season coming soon only on Wow Kidz! 

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Bandookni Ka Bhanja - Chacha Bhatija - 3D Animation Cartoon for Kids - As seen on Hungama TV

Bandookni leaves his bhanja ‘Titu’ at Chacha’s place as she has to go for the inauguration of a beauty parlor. Chacha and bhatija tell her that they will take care of Titu. But Titu is very mischievous! Everyone tries hard to catch Titu and Finally bhatija uses his brain and catches him. it was a tough day for Chacha and bhatija. Watch now!

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Thursday, 8 February 2018

Get Nostalagic With Your Favorite Rhymes "Mary Had A Little Lamb"

Mary Had A Little Lamb is an English rhyme and was originated in America on May 24th, 1830 and was inspired by an actual incident."Mary had a little lamb" say an enchanting tale of a young girl in Massachusetts, USA, and her lamb who followed her everywhere.

A very interesting and touching story was later turned into a beautiful composition of a nursery rhyme.“Mary Had a Little Lamb” tells about a lovely relationship between Mary Sawyer and her lamb. Mary rescued the newborn lamb and raised him and he was so in love with her that he use to follow her everywhere. Her brother suggested she should take the lamb to school where a man saw and was amazed and wrote a poem about it later. Sarah Josepha Hale added extended the version of rhyme in 1830. And it truly is kids favorite song and the poem shows the strong bond Mary and her lamb shared.

So teeny-weeny enjoy learning and reciting the most adorable nursery rhyme " Mary Had A Little Lamb" on our channel Wow Kidz Rhymes and Shows. And don't forget to have such a strong and cute bond with your pet if you have one.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Vir: The Robot Boy: A Robot with human emotions.

Vir: The Robot Boy is a 3D animated series that aired on Hungama TV. The story-line revolves around Protagonist Vir who is a robot but actually looks like a boy and has human feelings, and his friends Imli his classmate, Chulbul-the donkey, Gintu- the Jinn.

Vir was invented by well-known scientist Dr.Prem Sahay, he invented Vir so that he could help people however the Defense Department was planning to use him for military purposes. Dr. Prem Sahay escaped him to India in a fictional city named Fursatganj, but Mad Max the villain tries to trap Vir and make duplicates of him to rule over the world with their help.

Vir is a humanoid robot who works on chargeable batteries, he is intelligent, has emotions like humans, he loves to play with his friends like a normal kid and fight with all the evil people in the society. He has 10 different suits to fight the evil and help people in the society.Every chapter has unconnected story where Vir and his friends fight their way out from the trouble Mad Max creates for them.

Full on action based series with adventures and thrill, Vir: The Robot Boy is kids favorite show in India. And is rated as the best kids show launched in 2013. Take a roller-coaster ride with Vir: The Robot Boy available only on Wow Kidz.

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Bablu Dablu: Story of Two Nature Loving Bear Brothers.

The storyline revolves around two bears Bablu and Dablu, A logger Lakkha who resides in the forest.The older brother Bablu is smart, responsible & witty. And the younger brother Dablu is emotional, childish and innocent one. Whereas logger Lakkha is short tempered and crafty.

The fine line is " Protect the forest", as bear brothers way, The older brother "Bablu" defends his home, even if things don't go according to his idea and many times they get into trouble. Unlike the older brother "Dablu's" thinking is superficial and that often brings all the problem. Together, Bablu Dablu go about sabotaging every effort of that sly Logger Lakkha.


In the season 1 "Bablu Dablu or Bust", the escapade take the bear siblings out of the forest in the huge city where they learn new tricks to get away from the grasp of villain Lakkha and they also make new friends and experience magnificent discoveries. This constant pair of Bablu Dablu is widespread in kids animation industry. The amusing and entertaining comic romp has entertained kids worldwide.

Friday, 26 January 2018

India’s 69th Republic Day!

Hello Kids! Do you know why do we celebrate Republic Day on 26th January?

Every year on 26th of January, Republic Day celebration takes place at the Rajpath in New Delhi, known as the national capital of the country. Parades as a tribute to India, take place for this occasion showcasing India’s rich and diverse culture across the country.

After India achieved Independence on 15th August, 1947 and the Constitution was adopted on 26th November 1949, it came into effect on 26th of January, 1950 with India’s transition in becoming an independent country.

So what are you doing on this Republic Day? Paying homage to all the freedom fighters who led their lives fighting for the freedom of the country? What can you offer to the country in return? The father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi has inspired us to follow the path of righteousness and do good for the society.

How can we contribute to the society? Or to people? Let us all follow the path of non-violence and treat everyone equal.

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

This Chacha and Bhatija Jodi - A True Inspiration for Kids

“Bure kaam ka bura natija, kyun bhai Chacha,haan Bhatija” a fictional Slapstick Action Comedy series of an uncle-nephew duo, popularly known as Chacha Bhatija. The duo is ‘world-famous’ in the entire town of Fantooshnagar for their uncanny knack to solve all the problems of the town. His ability to sniff troubles and nip them right in the bud, makes Bhatija really popular in the whole town.

The Chacha Bhatija duo gets along like a house on fire, and is more like best buddies, rather than uncle & nephew, known for their heroic gestures. Their camaraderie is so infectious, that the whole town swears by their friendship. Fantooshnagar is an extremely colourful place, that is filled with some rather interesting characters; ranging from a funnily interesting scientist Khoji Singh who loves performing all crazy science experiments, to a ruthlessly comical bad man Danka & his partner in crime brother-in-law Dholki along with a fiercely determined female cop with a thick Haryanvi accent, Inspector Bandookni Singh.

Bhatija is the most inventive and ingenious character in the entire town. The flip side of his magnanimity however is his gullibility and the whole town of Fantooshnagar knows how to play on Bhatija’s naivety and get their troubles solved. The Chacha Bhatija duo however is always willing to help and thus inspires the people in the town to follow the right path in life and help others while in danger. The element of the shows is a combination of fun, filled with action that inspires kids on how truth defeats evil and prevails.

The show is an out and out comedy, full of entertainment, appropriately loaded with doses of slapstick as well as situational humour, deeply rooted in Indian sensibilities & Indian brand of humour!